donderdag 23 maart 2017

Easier said than done

If it was this easy, then:

But unfortunately it isn’t that simple. Of course a ‘Growth Mindset’ will make a difference.  But the real challenge is, how to get into this mindset and stay there? What if your nature is otherwise or if you are nurtured differently?

It all starts with getting to know yourself, your nature and your nurture, not only your strength but more important your challenges and your blind spots. Where does your behavior originate from? What are your behavioral patterns, specially under pressure? Insights in and connecting with your self, will lead to a better understanding of how to influence your mindset.

A Growth Mindset helps you to succeed and it is not the magic Harry Potter wand that leads abacadabra to success. Perseverance, learning, accepting and connecting, it is a continuous process of trial and error. At times you will succeed and at times you will struggle, be angry, fight or flight.

But one thing is sure, as long as you keep trying, dare to make mistakes, learn and try again, you will succeed in using a Growth Mindset more successfully.





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