maandag 24 juni 2019

Future in Sport

Your future or any future in sports depends on how deliberately you train, or as Anders Ericsson names it in his research ‘deliberate practice’. I fully agree, training itself does not necessarily add to your goal only if you do it purposefully.

And training deliberately; physically, tactically and technically is not enough. You do need to train mentally as well.

Training; to become better and stronger, with a teacher or a coach. What you train depends on your level of knowledge and experience. You can train every aspect of mentality, growth mindset, communication, lifestyle choices and more depending on your goals and purpose.

When you do it continuously and regularly, it will add to your performance as a sportsman or woman in top sports or at any level of sports. And in your later career as well.

It is time to change mental coaching, as having a reactive role and surfacing when challenges and problems arise, to mental training with a deliberate purpose.





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